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21.11.2018 | BORING HEAD SET NWGW 10150. NEW PAFANA 2018.

Benefits for the customer:


1.     Wide range of boring from 10 to 150 mm.


2.     Boring accuracy of 0,02 mm on diameter.


3.     The head is compatible and installed to boring mandrels from boring system MULTI PAFANA.


      4. Professional set equipment allows:

  -  boring holes from 10 to 150 mm,

  -  reverse (return) boring from 94 to 150 mm,

  -  turning cylindrical surfaces (pivots)  to 40 mm.


5.  The following inserts acc. to ISO type are mounted in the toolholders being part of head equipment

              - CCMT 0602…

              - CCMT 09T3…


Instruction manual of boring head set NWGW 10150.

The boring head sets NWGW 10150 are designed for medium machining of through and blind

holes with a diameter from Ø10 to Ø150. Machining may be conducted traditionally „from the spindle”

and „toward the spindle” (so called reverse boring). The afore-mentioned heads also allow machining

 of external cylindrical surfaces (pivots) with a diameter up to Ø45 and length up to 40 mm.


    The boring head set includes a head and set of toolholders of NWN…. type allowing for all planned

 machining operations. The selection of a proper tool is illustrated by ENCLOSURE 1.


    The adjustment screw is equipped with a scale whose reading interval corresponds to the change

of a machined diameter by 0.02 mm. Turning the adjustment screw clockwise increases the machined

diameter and turning it anticlockwise - decreases. Leaving a small tension of one of locking screws

while adjusting the dimension is recommended.


    In order to eliminate a micro-play in a screw -nut system achieving the proper dimension by turning

the adjustment screw only in the same direction is recommended. If there is the need to reverse

a slide it must be reversed by a full turn of the adjustment screw then adjusted to the required

value less the requested correction.


    Before machining the slide of the head should be immobilised by tightening the locking


The slide is adjusted and locked using the keys supplied together with the head.

Periodical lubrication of moving parts of the head with grease is recommended.



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