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Quality Policy (TQM)

The overarching principle of our Company’s operations is Quality. We wish to identify our customers' expectations and fully satisfy them so as to prove our uttermost reliability as their partner. We define the vision, the mission, any supporting strategies and tactical plans. All processes at the Company are under control, which has direct effects on the service standard and product reliability.
Quality is not just a promise – it is the decisive factor to ensure the Company’s success and customer satisfaction. The overarching objective of our Company as a well-established machining tools manufacturer is to:

  • Maintain and expand our share in the Polish market,
  • Increase the share in strategic foreign markets,
  • Attain a competitive edge by adjusting to the variable conditions and customer and market requirements,
  • Consistently implement the strategy of achieving customer satisfaction,
  • Acquire and maintain customer confidence in the PFN PAFANA S.A. products 
  • Provide well-mannered and reliable customer service in order to ensure full customer satisfaction,
  • Permanently improve customer service. Care of the quality of the products, goods and services,
  • Assess customer satisfaction level,
  • Supply innovative new products, continuously improve tried and tested solutions as a follow-up to the research, development, and implementation works,
  • Improve quality management by implementing the TQM system,
  • Guarantee timely delivery of each and every order,
  • Achieve and maintain product quality at optimal expenses,
  • Streamline information flow by organising focus teams,
  • Support the Company’s activities by cooperating with research and development centres and training personnel on regular basis,
  • Systematically improve personnel qualifications,
  • Ensure job security for employees.

Our prize assets are quality, modernity, and reasonable prices. In the customer’s interest we determine explicit and strict quality tasks to be fulfilled and impose equally high requirements on our suppliers.

To ensure proper practical implementation of our overarching quality objectives, we:
Promote the idea that quality is created at every work station and, therefore, it is  each employee’s responsibility -“Next in the process is your customer”

Obligate all staff members, without exceptions, to continuously improve work quality and prevent defects.
I accept personal responsibility for how the quality policy is defined, implemented, and verified.

Pabianice, 18.08.2017.                                                             
President of the Board Andrzej Styczyński

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