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Service soldering

PAFANA provides services in scope of soldering elements made of following metals : steel, cast iron, copper and sintered carbides.

Parts soldered in PAFANA:
1. Tools for machining metals, wood, paper, plastics, concrete

  • toolholders, including form tools
  • side and face milling cutters and multiedge end mills 
  • reamers 
  • drills
  • special tools

2. Tools for extractive industry.
3. Machine and device elements.

Examples of parts soldered in PAFANA

1. Side and face milling cutter soldering process.

2. Counterbore ( red line indicates the soldering spot).

3. Form tool.

4. Scraper.

5. Cutter blade, mushroom shaped.

6. Counterbore.

PAFANA prides with several-dozen years tradition of induction heating.
We perform soldering in temperatures from 700 up to 1150 0C.
We use following fillers: copper, silver and to the clients’ order - brass.
To solder materials of various linear expansion, in order to compensate stresses, we use separators and composite separating, silver-based fillers.

After soldering, parts may be cleaned using the vapour-blasting with loose abrasive material.
We recommend that customers, before manufacturing the elements, consult with PAFANA the method of preparation for the soldering operation.



Project Manager:

Władysław Mietlowski - tel.: +48 42  227 72 43,

                                              fax: +48 42  226 06 93,

                                         e-mail: uslugi@pafana.pl

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